Serving the people of Oundle

Community Grants

The Town Council sets a small budget to provide grants to local organisations.

Applications are considered at the Finance and General Purpose Committee meetings.

Please contact the council if you require a grant for a specific project or advice on other grant providers.

Community Grant

  • Oundle Cricket Club - Grant towards starting up under 9 & 11's girls cricket team.
  • Oundle Museum Trust - Grant towards supporting their activities

Oundle Town Rowing Club

Oundle Town Rowing Club used the 'Community Support' grant towards making vital improvements to their car park. The work has made a big difference to accessibility and safety which will be of most benefit to members and visitors in the winter months.

Arts Grant

  • Oundle Festival of Music & Drama - Grant towards cost of setting up Junior Choir.

Oundle Fringe Festival 2 - 15 July 2023

This year's Oundle Fringe Festival was one of the most successful ever, offering 50 events over 14 days in 2023 and attracting a total audience of approximately 2,397 (1,306 in 2022). Some people were attending the Fringe for the first time, other were regulars, with many attending more than one event. The majority came from Oundle and the nearest villages, but the Fringe also attracted attenders from Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and other parts of Northamptonshire. Events ranged from rock'n'roll in The Ship Inn to a flute ensemble in the courtyard of The Talbot Hotel and from bluegrass music in The Greedy Piglet café to intimate harp music in Oundle Library.

All events were free to attend apart from three events held to raise funds for the Fringe (a ceilidh, a quiz and a performance of 'The Haunting of Richard III' by Kairos Theatre Company). There were opportunities to join in as well as listen, and a total of 218 people took part in Drama on Tap, the Ceilidh, the Regency Tea Dance, and the Big Folk Session.

Here are some comments from attenders:

  • "Amazing, brilliant, so diverse – AND ALL FOR FREE!"
  • "These 2 weeks were my 2023 holiday – why go anywhere else (except perhaps for better weather on some days…)."
  • "Brilliant programme, thanks to all performers and venues."
  • "It's a great event and wonderful to be on the doorstep."

Oundle & District Choral Society

Oundle & District Choral Society used the 'Arts' grant to put on their March concert held in St Peter's Church. The concert was a great success, with an audience of over 150 enjoying a delightful selection of music.

Coronation Grant

  • Oundle Tennis Club - Grant towards making improvements to their facilities so they are more accessible.
  • Oundle Football Club - Grant towards holding Coronation Football event.
  • Oundle Squash Club - Grant towards Coronation event and to help boost membership.
  • Fletton Field Association - Grant towards Coronation event - Fete on Fletton Field.
  • Oundle Yarn Bombers - Grant towards creating the Coronation Yarn Bombing display in Oundle.

Volunteer Action

Volunteer Action used the grant to put on a special Coronation Party with thirty members of the Volunteer Action Befriending Scheme and accompanying carers enjoying a fun afternoon filled with food, music and games. Creating new friendships and reducing social isolation in the community.

Read more about the Coronation Party.

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