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The Neighbourhood Plan for Oundle - Background Papers

Section 1 - Neighbourhood Plan Overview

Information relating to the Neighbourhood Planning process can be found below:

Section 2 - Parish Overview

Below you will find links to important information relating to Oundle that has been used in formulating our Neighbourhood Plan:

Section 3 - Key Policies

Key policies affecting Oundle and used in our evidence base are listed below:

Planning Policies

Other Policies

Section 4 - Housing Sites Assessment Backgroud Paper

Oundle Cycle Network Study 2015

Section 5 - Green Space

Consultation and engagement is a key aspect to the development of the Neighbourhood Plan. Below you will find links to the information relating to the Oundle Neighbourhood Planning process.

Section 6 - Community, Recreation and Sporting Facilities

Section 7 - Connectivity and Parking

Section 8 - Employment and Business

Section 9 - Tourism

Section 10 - Town Centre and Retail

Section 11 - Consultation and Engagement



Future Events

Information regarding meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party can be found on the Council calendar. Please click the link below to go to this page:

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