Serving the people of Oundle

  • Clerk to Oundle Town Council - Emma Baker
  • Mayor of Oundle Town Council - Councillor Tony Robinson

Facilities for Hire

The Town Clerk will consider bookings at Fletton House and Queen Victoria Hall on a case by case basis.

Before the Town Clerk will consider any bookings you must complete a risk assessment and management plan to show how you will ensure your booking follows the Government guidelines on social distancing.

Government Guidance: Working Safely during Coronavirus

The Health and Safety Executive has guidance for business on how to manage risk and risk assessment at work along with specific advice to help control the risk of coronavirus in workplaces.

Email your completed risk assessment and management plan to as soon as you can so the Town Clerk has time to consider it and you have time to consider any recommendations they may suggest.

This may all change when the Government updates their guidelines on social distancing at venues.

Last updated 15.09.20

Last updated: Tue, 15 Sep 2020 14:38