Serving the people of Oundle

  • Clerk to Oundle Town Council - Emma Baker
  • Mayor of Oundle Town Council - Councillor Tony Robinson


Oundle Town Council owns the market rights for the town and manages the thriving markets. Since before 972AD there has been a well stocked open-air market in the attractive Market Place.


Eleven stalls all selling different wares can be found at the Market every Thursday.

Open from 8.00am to 1.00pm.

We're getting used to queuing at supermarkets, we'll have to get used to queuing at shops...please observe the queuing and one-way system at Oundle's markets. Better a queue and a market, than no queue and NO market.

The one-way system entrance is at the St Osyth's end of the Market Place and once you have visited the stalls please exit near Tesco.

The Fruit & Veg stall is self-service, pay at the end of the stall. Some stalls will have contactless card payment if you do not want to pay with cash. Please only touch the produce you are planning to purchase and leave the market area when you have your shopping.

Please ensure you follow the safety guidelines when visiting the market and send any comments to


On the second Saturday of each month an excellent Farmers' Market is held where local produce is sold direct to the public. The Farmers' Market is always a delight to attend and well worth a visit.

Open from 8.00am to 1.00pm.

If you are interested in a stall please contact us.



The Market Place is licensed for the following licensable activites:

  • Sale of Alcohol
  • Performance of Dance Outdoors
  • Films Outdoors
  • Live Music Outdoors
  • Plays Outdoors
  • Recorded Music Outdoors

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