Serving the people of Oundle

The Neighbourhood Plan meetings are held as Full Council meetings on the first Tuesday of the month before the Planning Committee meetings. Some members of the public are assisting the Council with the development and promotion of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Working Party must include 4 Town Councillors, 2 of whom must be on the Planning Commitee.

Details of the members can be found my clicking the link below



Roger Sturman

Cllr Jerry Hutton

Town Councillor

Cllr Tony Robinson

Town Councillor

Cllr David Chapple

Town Councillor

Cllr Ian Clark

Town Councillor

Cllr Phil Stearn

District Councillor

Cllr Peter Peel

Town Councillor

Terms of Reference

Agendas and Minutes

Copies of the agendas and minutes are located on our calendar. Please choose the month and year you would like to view and click the relevant meeting details.

Additional Documents

Further documents relating to the Neighbourhood Plan can be found within the Evidence Base section of this website.

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