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Oundle Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Being Delivered

Oundle Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire Being Delivered

All residents and businesses in Oundle will be receiving a Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire over the next few days. This is an essential part of the consultation process and asks for the views of the Town on the topics which are the basis of our Neighbourhood Plan.

The deadline for completing the Questionnaire is 15th December 2014 and it is crucial that the majority of the Town give their opinions. If anyone needs support to complete the Questionnaire, there are volunteers who will help. Extra copies are available and there is an online version available via this page.

All of the information gathered will be fed into the Neighbourhood Plan and the Town will be asked to vote in a referendum on the Neighbourhood Plan in January 2016.

Posted: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 14:30 by Debra Harper

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