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Oundle Town Councils - Issues Raised with NCC / Kier regarding the Bridge

OTC have also raised the following issues with NCC/Kier

  • Signage - if an articulated lorry driver has a moment of blindness and heads to Oundle from the A605 roundabout, only to find his 2.55 metre width lorry being stopped by a 2.4 metre restriction (signed 2.1) the resulting back up in the 130 metre distance from roundabout to pinch point might be very problematical. And how does he turn round? There will be cars behind him. They might spill out to the A605.
  • knock-on effects to surrounding villages.
  • Impact from South Bridge traffic in West Street, North Street, Milton Road and Blackpot Lane.
  • The risks associated with heavy vehicles turning out of the A605 Barnwell turn
  • Impact on emergency vehicles.
  • How to feedback ongoing issues and developments to NCC/Kier.

Posted: Fri, 14 Sep 2018 14:40 by Emma Baker

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