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Chance to Comment on Housing and the Neighbourhood Plan

Aided no doubt by the large number of people who came to the Thrapston council chamber to speak or support on Oundle's behalf, on Monday evening the East Northants Planning Policy Committee chose to defer any decision about Oundle Housing Allocations in the draft Local Plan for the time being.

This should allow the Oundle Neighbourhood Plan to progress first to examination, and should it pass that to referendum. It would then guide the Local Plan to housing allocations in the Oundle area, as opposed to the other way around - a real boost to "localism".

There is no doubt that more houses will be coming to Oundle, but to help us as a local community keep control of where they go, please look at and give feedback on the Oundle Neighbourhood Plan at

ALL representations about the Neighbourhood Plan at this stage must be presented to the Examiner who will test if the Plan "meets" the basic conditions required of it.

It's not all plain sailing yet, but the weight of comments in support of the Neighbourhood Plan must help it's cause - and it will keep development to sites identified back to 2012 as being within walking distance of the town centre, bringing community benefit, and minimising the impact of "bad neighbours" (the A605 and sewage plant).

Please fill in the online form at on East Northants website to ensure your voice is heard, before August 27th.

Posted: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 15:00 by Rebecca

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