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Grants to Oundle Primary and Prince William

Grants to Oundle Primary and Prince William

In light of the "unprecedented" nature of the third lockdown, OTC was delighted to follow the examples of two of our District Councillors in making important emergency grants to Oundle Primary and Prince William Schools – funds that are desperately needed for the purchase of laptops for pupils who are distance learning again. Councillor Jake Vowles and Councillor Phil Stearn committed £3,000 each, and OTC matched both grants.

Councillor Reichhold made his grant to Volunteer Action, based at Fletton House, whose response to the pandemic has been remarkable and vital for so many. We hope this redistribution of funds will help fill gaps in local services and will keep a watchful eye and ear for others as 2021 carries on.

Posted: Thu, 25 Feb 2021 14:45 by Rebecca

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