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loveOundle Photo Submission

loveOundle Photo Submission

In the next few months, OTC is revamping and relaunching the website under the banner of loveOundle. It aims to meet the needs of residents AND visitors better, and help us bounce back after covid.

As such, we'd like to gather and headline as many local photos and photographers as possible, showing off our lovely home to the best of our ability. We don't have any budget I fear, at this stage, but would like to start an annual photography competition to keep the photos on the website fresh, and hope to offer the chance to really show off the talent we clearly have in Oundle.

If you would like some of your shots of Oundle and the surrounding area to be considered for the new loveOundle site, please submit them to this dropbox address -

There is no size limit (the higher quality the better – anything below 980px may not work) and jpegs are ideal.

Huge thanks for your support, and we'll keep people updated on how the project is coming along in March and April

Posted: Mon, 08 Feb 2021 09:53 by Rebecca

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