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Oundle Transport Study - Have Your Say

Oundle Transport Study - Have Your Say

Over the next 6-12 months, we hope to assess how transport is working in Oundle, and how it will need to work better in the next decade, especially with a possible growth of up to 1,000 more residents.

To frame this, we'd like to get views from as many residents of Oundle and the surrounding villages as possible.

Please drop your thoughts in at Fletton House on ANY transport issue OR better still use the online form or fill in the paper version below and post to Fletton House or email to

Issues we might look at might include

1. Sustainability – more and safer cycling and walking

2. Speed

3. Traffic flows through villages

4. Parking

5. Enforcement of any speed, weight and parking limits 6. One way sections and pinch points – how well do they work? Should we have more? Are they good for pedestrians and drivers?

7. Opportunities from Section 106 funding from housing developments – an Oundle "loop" minibus?

8. Pavements – are dropped kerbs in the right places?

9. War Memorial and Marketplace – should there be more pedestrianisation?

Please get in touch with any thoughts, pictures, ideas – it's a blank canvas!

Posted: Thu, 05 Aug 2021 12:14 by Rebecca

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