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Oundle residents almost unanimous in opposal of 5G tower

Oundle residents almost unanimous in opposal of 5G tower

More than 300 people have objected to plans for a mobile phone mast to be put up in the centre of Oundle.

An application to install a 60-foot 5G tower in the centre of the town's Market Place has been submitted by CK Hutchinson Networks (UK) Ltd who own the global brand, Three. The design consultant and principal contractor is Clarke Telecom. The application at the time of writing has 338 public comments, 335 objections and three supporting. Many have expressed concern about the visual impact of the mast. One said: "There would be devastating consequences to the look of our beautiful Market Place, which has remained unchanged for many years.

"Allowing this mast to be placed in its proposed position, will spoil the charm and character of the lovely town we live in." Oundle School pupil and local resident Robert Foskett said: "I am very concerned. "This part of town is a conservation area surrounded by listed buildings, some dating back to the 17th century, and markets have been held here since 972. The proposed eyesore is completely inappropriate which some might classify as a case of vandalism against our town's beauty and heritage."

Cllr Simon Rielly, a North Northamptonshire councillor and shadow portfolio holder for highways, said: "As someone who has lived and worked in Oundle, I fully support and can completely understand the objections from the residents. "This structure will be totally out of keeping with the surrounding area. It will degrade a quaint, historical town centre and the size and height of the mast and associated cabinets are totally out of proportion to what should be allowed.

"If a mast must be placed in Oundle then it should be away from the centre. There are many other alternatives, but it seems that the absolute worst positioning is being considered as a prime location and without regard for the historical and architectural aspects that make Oundle such a lovely place for residents and for visitors.

"The cabinets will impinge on an important community area in the centre of the town. This area is used as a site for events throughout the year, such as summer and Christmas food markets and celebrations to mark significant national events. I am more than happy to work with the residents of Oundle and the mobile phone company to find a suitable alternative."

In their GDPO application letter, Clarke Telecom said: "The enclosed application is identified as the most suitable option that balances operational need with local planning policies and national planning policy guidance. It will deliver public benefit in terms of the mobile services it will provide.

"Furthermore we would like to assist the local planning authority and would like to offer to arrange a presentation or meeting with your officers and members to discuss the issues if appropriate.

"We are committed to maintaining a positive relationship with all Local Planning Authorities and we would be happy to provide any reasonable additional information in relation to this application."

The application was due to be discussed by Oundle Town Council at a planning committee meeting last night (Tuesday).

According to the agenda, they object to the suggested location but are willing to discuss other potential locations with Clarke Telecom.

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