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Phone Mast Planning Application Market Place, Oundle EN/22/01282/PNT

Phone Mast Planning Application Market Place, Oundle EN/22/01282/PNT

Oundle Town Council strongly objects to the application.

1. The proposed location in the Market Place is entirely inappropriate:

The antenna would seriously adversely affect the nearby Grade 2 listed former Town Hall. The antenna would also seriously adversely affect the numerous other listed buildings in the Market Place. The antenna would also seriously adversely visually impact the Market Place itself and the wider Conservation Area within which the Market Place is contained. In each case due to its height and general appearance.

2. The antenna and the associated equipment cabinets would adversely impact the markets which take place each week on a Thursday as well as the monthly farmer's markets and other special events by using space in the Market Place currently and historically used by stall holders and shoppers.

3. The council is concerned about the possible effect that the antenna might have upon people using the Market Place and particularly those living in the properties that surround the Market Place.

4. The council wonders whether erecting a mast in an area closely surrounded by tall stone buildings would reduce its effectiveness.

Oundle Town Council strongly objected to this planning application directly to Clarke Telecom at the pre-application consultation stage on the 5th October 2022.

Residents of Oundle now have up until 13 November 2022 to register their comments with North Northamptonshire Council.

The decision to approve or refuse this planning application lies solely with North Northamptonshire Council.

Give your views online:

using the reference NE/22/01282/PNT

Posted: Wed, 02 Nov 2022 10:11 by Rebecca

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