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ECO4 Flex energy efficiency scheme

ECO4 Flex energy efficiency scheme

ECO4 Flex is a government scheme, funded by energy companies, that supports households on a low income or those particularly vulnerable to the impacts of living in a cold home.

Funding is available for things that can improve the energy efficiency of your home, like insulation and heating systems.


An installer will need to visit your property to make an assessment. You will complete a declaration form to show that you are eligible and provide supporting evidence.

The installer send their recommendations to the energy company, who will make a final decision on what work will be carried out.


If you live in a private home (rented or owned) with an EPC rating of D or below and have a combined household income of £31,000 or less, then you are likely to be eligible for this scheme.

Even if you don't meet these criteria, but are living in a private home with a low energy efficiency rating, you may still be eligible for funding if:

  • you or a member of your household has a medical condition that makes you more vulnerable to cold
  • you are over 65 or a member of your family is under the age of 5 or over 65
  • a member of your household is in receipt of Council Tax Support
  • a member of your household is in receipt of free school meals, due to low income
  • you have been referred to the scheme by the council or by Citizen's Advice after being identified as struggling to pay your utility bills.


Apply through Better Housing Better Health (BHBH) who will check your eligibility.

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