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Report anti-social behaviour in the Recreation Ground

Report anti-social behaviour in the Recreation Ground

Oundle's Recreation Ground is a public space to be enjoyed by everyone, whether old or young, and especially in the school holidays. It's a facility which should provide a safe space for our children to play in, and our adults to enjoy.

However, and very sadly, we are told that some people have experienced anti-social behaviour whilst at the Recreation Ground. Oundle Town Council (OTC) takes all such incidents seriously and has set up a database which we will use to help identify possible solutions to prevent future incidents.

You can help. Please report all incidents of anti-social behaviour - whether at the Recreation Ground or elsewhere in the town - to the Police on 101, and to Oundle Town Council (OTC) on You need not give your contact details if you feel it unsafe to do so.

If you feel threatened or there is a crime in progress, please call 999 immediately.

Posted: Wed, 09 Aug 2023 13:57 by Rebecca

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