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"Thank you" Banners

A mayoral message to the kids who submitted drawings for the "Thank you" banners

To all of those who sent pictures in for the 'Thank You Key workers, NHS and Volunteer' posters, I'd like to congratulate you all for the great art work and messages. I loved the colours, and the messages were spot on, simply 'Thank You'. You got this over far better than any of us could have.

There was not enough room to get all of the designs onto the posters, but all of them will be displayed on the Council Web site and as many other places as we can. And, please don't forget to put your designs in your windows where the Postman and Binmen can see them.

Best wishes Tony

Banner locations:

  • Waitrose
  • North Bridge
  • Oundle Primary School
  • CO-OP
  • End of Benefield Road

"Thank you" Posters

Last updated: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 16:04