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What is Neighbourhood Planning &
Why Does it Matter?

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Neighbourhood planning is a new process which was passed by the Government within the Localism Bill. The process has been designed to enable the local community to influence the planning and development of their area, by helping to decide:

  • The most appropriate places for new homes, shops, offices, leisure facilities and other developments to be located.
  • What type of development is needed and what it should look like
  • Which important green spaces and other important areas should be protected.
  • What improvements or additions to local facilities and services will be required alongside any development.

Why does it matter?

The planning system helps decide what gets built, where and when. In theory, planning has always supposed to give local communities a say in decisions that affect them, however, in practice, people have often found it hard to get their voice heard.

The Neighbourhood Planning process will result in the production of a legally recognised document which will be used to ensure that the needs, views and priorities of the local community are fully considered when assessing future planning applications and
proposed developments within the area.

Last updated: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 10:46